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Gorgeous Productions was formed in 1994 for talented artists to stretch themselves beyond theatre of the everyday.

To date, Gorgeous Productions have produced seven theatrical productions, beginning with THE BEARD by Michael McClure in 1995. Their most recent production, the hilarious comedy LOVEPUKE by Duncan Sarkies, played to full audiences and generated enthusiastic press:

"... hilarious and refreshing ... highly entertaining ...
Gorgeous Productions should be congratulated."
- Inpress Magazine

"... a guide to love, sex, dating and relationships ...
a combination of comedy sketches, scripted theatresports
and musical revue ... a humorous look at love and all its bruises ... energetic (and) entertaining ..."
- The Age

Their next production, LAST POST by Gerald O'Connor, tells the true story of two people seperated by World War II. Based on letters written by Gerald O'Connor's parents - a warm, humorous and vivid picture is painted, depicting the hardship of war and the toll taken on all sides. This production will be seen from October 5, 2000 at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

"We are an all professional team of actors, directors, designers, etc., dedicated to producing innovative and exciting productions. Work that means something to us, that speaks directly to us and through us to our audience." - Perri Cummings, Co-Director, Gorgeous Productions

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