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At the Melbourne Fringe Festival
from the 5th of October, 2000

This is a play that took three generations in the making, based on the letters of Brendan O'Connor's grandparents during World War II. This is a living piece of our history, worth preserving before it is lost forever.

These letters have been shaped into a funny, informative and eminently moving piece of theatre by Gerald O'Connor, long time Editor of the ABC news room in Central Queensland and now part time Arts Critic for the Courier Mail and full time award-winning sculptor.

This is an incredible, intimate look at the hardships faced on both sides of the war.

To be performed by Brendan O'Connor and Perri Cummings for the Melbourne Fringe Festival from the 5th of October, 2000.

"Not long before she died in 1999 aged 88, my mother gave me a bundle of letters she and my father had written to each other during World War II. At that time my father was serving in the Australian Army in the islands north of Australia, and my mother had taken over running his weekly newspaper and job printing business in a small Queensland country town.

My mother had destroyed many of the letters, doubtless for personal reasons, but several hundred remained. Both were talented writers, and their letters give a vivid insight into the concerns of two ordinary people going through the experience of a world war sixty years ago.

My son, the actor and director, Brendan O'Connor, suggested the letters would make an interesting stage production. That is what I set out to write.

War affects everyone it touches, whether they are combatants, civilians in the battle zone, or families just waiting at home.

LAST POST is dedicated to my parents, Gerald and Dot O'Connor, and to all the combatants and civilians from both sides whose lives were affected in any way by the terrible years of World War II."

- Gerry O'Connor

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