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The Projects




LAST POST by Gerald O'Connor
A play that took three generations in the making, based on the letters of Brendan O'Connor's grandparents during World War II. With Brendan O'Connor and Perri Cummings.
LOVEPUKE by Duncan Sarkies
A highly comical look at love, sex, dating and relationships. Directed by Brendan O'Connor. With Drew Tingwell, Perri Cummings, Kate Cole, James Shaw, Bruce Woolley, Sally McLean, Amanda Levy and Jeff Richards.
PATIENCE by John Lavery for the Brunswick Music Festival



CHRISTIE IN LOVE by Howard Brenton
(The mild mannered mass murderer)
Directed by Andrew Russell. With David Pidd, Brendan O'Connor and Andrew Russell
THE PUDDING by Brian Appleford and Lois McMannus Adapted by Gorgeous Productions for the Brunswick Music Festival. Directed by Brendan O'Connor, Music arranged and performed by Caitlin French, Terry Cole and Mandy Keating, with Donal Courtney, Perri Cummings Madonna Davies, Sally Campbell and Guy Phillips



FUTZ by Rochelle Owens
Directed by Brendan O'Connor, original music by Nick Randall. With Andrew Russel, Madonna Davies, Russell Bedford, Perri Cummings, Nich Reid and Brendan O'Connor



PATIENCE by John Lavery
Part Medieval Mystery play, part Monty Python. Written for Gorgeous Productions. Directed by Brendan O'Connor. With Perri Cummings, Madonna Davies, Chris Bidlow, Jocelyn Evans and Brendan O'Connor



THE BEARD by Michael McClure
A 'beat' play about Jean Harlow and Billy the Kid trapped in Eternity ...together! Directed by Miranda Cartledge. With Perri Cummings and Robert Corner.


Gorgeous Productions has also been involved for the last three years in workshops for overseas students in Greater Communication Skills Through Drama. The individual members have had wide experience in teaching - from Artist in Residencies to workshop leaders for various schools, festivals and events.

Workshops offered:

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