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Tripod use the options of pop-up windows or a rather large embedded banner in order to pay for the free service they offer online.

Of the two options, the pop-up banner is the more appealing for this site. This, however, can be very annoying for you, the visitor. Therefore, here is our suggestion on how you can deal with the pop-ups.

Once the first pop-up window has activated, click on your browser screen to bring your browser window to the front, putting the pop-up window behind it. Then leave the pop-up banner there in the background - it will simply re-activate behind your browser screen as each new page opens, therefore not being constantly in the foreground on your computer monitor and so not in your face.

If you shut it down, it will simply re-appear, same as if you minimise it - it is programmed to maximise every time you open a new page.

We apologise for this inconvenience, but hope that you will still manage to enjoy your time here. As Gorgeous Productions is a Co-Operative company (ie. all actors, technicians and others involved with the shows are working in a profit-share capacity - including the web designer!), at this stage of our development, we are unable to afford paid web hosting. Tripod offer the best free web site hosting service and a few pop up windows are worth the trouble for the service Tripod offer.

Thank you for your patience.

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